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Services and Fees

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech, language and/or communication skills then please contact Julie for a FREE telephone consultation.

The following prices are for children with developmental difficulties. If your child has more complex needs or acquired speech, language and communication difficulties please contact me for more information.

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Free Telephone Consultation

The purpose of this is to answer any queries you may have, describe the service available and to discuss your specific needs.

Telephone calls to parents and professionals involved in your child’s care are free of charge, unless otherwise specified.

Initial Consultation - £55 per hour ​(or parts thereof)

Initial consultations usually last between 1 and 2 hours and may include:

  • Informal and/or formal assessment.
  • Detailed case history and discussion with parents/person with parental responsibility.
  • Verbal feedback from the session.
  • Observation of your child and reading of reports from other professionals.
  • Discussion regarding management options, e.g., whether therapy is indicated, what type of intervention is required, how many therapy sessions will be needed etc.
  • Reports are only provided on request and are charged at £55 per hour (or parts thereof). This will outline assessment findings and potential therapeutic aims.

Sometimes your child may require more than one assessment session. This will be negotiated with you at the initial consultation.

After an initial consultation the following options are available:

  • 1:1 therapy sessions
  • Programme for home and/or school/nursery
  • Advice and review of progress at a later date
  • Discharge

Therapy Sessions - £55 per hour ​(or parts thereof)

A standard therapy session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the child’s age, attention span etc. This is the time spent with the child/parents (or teaching staff if the sessions are taking place in school). This fee also included time spent outside of the sessions for, e.g., preparation, target setting, planning and record keeping.

If sessions take place in school, parents are responsible for ensuring therapy materials are returned to school and informing the therapist if their child will not be in school.

It is expected that a familiar adult is present in sessions so that therapy techniques can be demonstrated, which will enable them to practise with the child in between sessions.

Resources will be provided after each session, if appropriate, to provide further practice and to aid generalisation and consolidation of therapy targets. Resources are usually included in the cost unless otherwise specified. Resources can be laminated at a cost of 50 pence per laminate.

School / Nursery Visits - £55 per hour ​(or parts thereof)

School and nursery visits are often requested by teachers and are only carried out after parental consent has been gained. This price includes time spent planning, preparing materials and liaison with parents and teachers.

Therapy sessions can also be carried out in school instead of the child’s home. It is beneficial if parents can attend some school-based sessions to ensure therapy activities are carried out appropriately at home.

If school/nursery is the desired venue for therapy, parents are responsible for ensuring therapy materials are returned to school and to inform the therapist if their child will not be at school.

Letters, Reports and Treatment Programmes - £55 per hour ​

​Where I anticipate that the necessary work will take longer than one hour, I will indicate this in advance of starting the work and provide an estimate.

Where a treatment programme is provided, a telephone call is also included in this price to ensure that there are no concerns or queries for parents/school staff in carrying them out.

Attendance at Meetings - £55 per hour

Telephone Consultations - ​free of charge

Telephone calls to parents, teaching staff, NHS Speech and Language Therapists and other professionals are often necessary to ensure continued liaison regarding your child’s progress.


Please contact me to discuss your training requirements. Prices are available on request.


Fees are calculated in 15 minute segments. For travel time, mileage and other costs please refer to Terms & Conditions page.