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JAS Speech and Language Therapy

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech, language and/or communication skills then please contact Julie for a FREE telephone consultation.

Free telephone consultation

I am able to offer assessment, 1:1 therapy, personalised programmes, review appointments and support/advice for children with developmental difficulties with the following:

  • Unclear speech or difficulties using speech sounds, e.g., using a ‘d’ sound instead of a ‘s’ (so ‘sun’ would be produced as ‘dun’)
  • Understanding of spoken language, e.g., concepts such as ‘first’, ‘last’, ‘on’ or ‘under’ or difficulties following spoken instructions
  • Use of spoken language, e.g., use of grammar, construction of sentences, use of vocabulary
  • Dysfluency or stammering
  • Social interaction skills

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation if you have any queries or would like to know more about this service.

Julie Storr Bsc Hons. CertRCSLT. MASLTIP. 
Independent Speech and Language Therapist

julie storr

I am a Paediatric Independent Speech and Language Therapist based in Laversdale, a small village near to Brampton and Carlisle. I can travel around the surrounding area to your home or child’s school/nursery. On-site visits also available.

​I aim to offer a prompt service and can usually offer an initial appointment within one to two weeks of referral.

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