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"Julie is one of the most talented teachers I have observed work with my children. We had no idea of how complex speech can be, but Julie helped us understand everything. Our daughter's speech is now 100 times clearer after Julie's skilful support."


"Julie has been working with our four year old son who is in the process of being diagnosed with ASD since February 2016. Our Paediatric Consultant suggested we try PECS, but it was not offered to us on the NHS. We had a little boy who didn't know how to communicate with us and we also didn't know how to communicate effectively with him. He would get frustrated and upset because we couldn't understand him and it was heartbreaking. I found Julie's website online whilst I was researching for an independent Speech and Language Therapist.I rang her and arranged an initial consultation and she has been working with us ever since.

We now have a little boy who is happier and engages with us, he is able to tell us what he wants using his cards and he is also beginning to request items using words. Julie has been excellent, she tailors every session to suit Alexei and finds different ways of engaging him. She is always there to answer any questions and concerns that we have. She attends multi agency meetings with us and has become a real source of support and encouragement.She is happy to provide resources and it is a pleasure to have her work with us to help our son.

I would highly recommend Julie to anyone considering an independent Speech and Language Therapist. It has changed our lives and it may very well change yours.

Louisa & Sam

"​My preschool daughter was lacking in confidence and frustrated due to difficulties making herself understood. Julie brought about a remarkable transformation and provided her with the skills she needed whilst nurturing her self confidence. The end result was a happy girl, ready for school with clear diction. I can't recommend her highly enough."


"Our son had not been identified as having significant speech problems by the NHS but as parents and as highlighted by his nursery, we knew he had some speech difficulty and wanted it resolved before he started school. From the moment we, and more importantly our son, first met Julie you could see that not only did she identify the issues but she was professional, knowledgeable and truly engaging for our son. Within the first couple of lessons we could see an improvement in our son's speech and he looked forward to seeing Julie again. As well as addressing his speech problems we believe she gave him a slight advantage when he started school as his annunciation and knowledge of the alphabet were ahead of expectations."

Mr & Mrs Kershaw

"Thank you so much for helping Euan. He is like a different boy now; the difference in his speech is amazing. He will miss his sessions!"

Lizzie & Stu

"If you are able to access one service for your child then we would strongly recommend this one. Julie is kind and patient whilst being extremely professional and capable in the service she provides. Learning PECS has undoubtedly been hugely effective for our daughter who is an Autist and it has also given us as parents key ways to interact with her which are necessary in the whole process. Our daughter has been given back a vital life skill, her voice and we have found once again our beautiful little girl who smiles much more, makes eye contact, has two way interaction and now communicates effectively. Without PECS our daughter would still be locked away in an insular world of echolalia and our family unit somewhat divided despite our best efforts. We cannot thank Julie enough!” "

Simon & Lisa


"​Julie has been working with my daughter Flo for over three years. Flo has Down's Syndrome and struggles with her sounds and language, but is a different child today to the one she was when Julie first met her! A whole new world has been unlocked for Flo as a result of the professionalism, dedication and detail that Julie has put in and Flo absolutely loves her! Thank you Julie for all your amazing work!"

​Anna Bradley

"Julie helped our son enormously. She was friendly and professional at all times. She tailored her service to meet our needs and was always available to answer any questions we had. We were given lots of advice on ways we could help him at home. Our son gained so much confidence as his understanding of language and his speech improved dramatically. I would recommend Julie to any concerned parent."


"Julie is inspirational, her ability to interact in a constructive, non-judgemental and supportive way is something we will be forever grateful for. Nothing you ask is an issue and her ability to build up real positive long-lasting relationships is amazing. There is nothing she does not know and she interprets this in a way we can understand and use every day. Thank you does not even begin to explain our gratitude for meeting this amazing, professional and kind individual."


“My son has been seeing Julie for over two years now. He has delayed speech and was very hard to engage with, he barely turned to his name. At first he would not engage with her or take part in any activities that she tried to do with him. Julie persevered with him and really focused her attention on what would motivate him. Eventually, through lots of hard work and encouragement from Julie he began to engage and over time he began to look forward to seeing Julie and enjoy the sessions. I have watched my little boy develop hugely working with Julie. Her advice and support for our family and my son has been priceless. Seeing our little boy progress has given us, as parents, hope and made us realise that with the right help he can achieve anything! If I speak to anyone who has a child with delayed speech the first bit of advice I would offer is to get a great Speech and Language Therapist and do it early. Julie is hardworking, passionate, imaginative but most of all she tries to adapt her sessions to the individual needs of the children. Julie really knows my son and makes each session as fun and rewarding as possible for him and this shows in his enjoyment and in his progress. As a Mum, I will always be thankful I found Julie to help our little boy".


"We came across Julie by chance, a frantic search on the internet whilst on a night shift. She responded the very next day and she has been AMAZING! From the first anxious phone call to a difficult session this week, she is kind, compassionate, non-judgmental and gives me advice without patronising me. As well as a speech and language therapist she has supported us as a family at difficult times but also celebrating in my little boys achievements with us. My son Joshua was introduced to Julie almost a year ago. We have had to fight for his ASD diagnosis (autism spectrum disorder) but with Julie's help we got there on the 12th December 2016. When he first starting working with Julie he was non-verbal, could not communicate and was very destructive. She introduced PECS (picture exchange communication system) which builds a platform to speech thus easing his frustration (and mine). She introduced me on how to build his understanding and situations to promote more communication. Joshua can now communicate via PECS very effectively (over 600 symbols in use currently) and has SPEECH! Now so many words I can't count!!!We have all worked so hard but we would not be here without this fantastic therapist THANK YOU JULIE !!"

Laura Frost

"Our son used to count the days until Julie was visiting. He loved to play the games and felt relaxed around her. It was lots of fun, not work for him. Her time with him was invaluable and we have been able to continue with her techniques as he grows and develops. Thank you so much Julie. You are brilliant."


"Julie has made a tremendous difference to our son’s speech and has enriched his life immeasurably. Prior to working with Julie our son could only communicate via a few words and gestures leading to frustration, Julie quickly diagnosed the concerns and provided concise guidance. Julie provided fantastic support to our son and gave us a clear plan to work through which eased our speech development worries. Julie is very caring and supportive, she is always available and provides help and guidance quickly. We can not recommend Julie highly enough our son is now communicating fantastically and it is an absolute joy to see. We cannot thank Julie enough for her help, having a child who has delayed speech is worrying but knowing that you have a wonderful professional on hand to help makes the world of difference."